Domain Availability and WHOIS Lookup
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Our API is online since 2016 via Bulk WHOIS at RapidAPI
Bulk WHOIS & Domain Check

The Bulk Whois API offers WHOIS parsed data through the API. We help different types of businesses and online ventures concentrate on their core business and are less concerned with collecting the data they need to do so. Simple and stable APIs are accessed via the HTTPS protocol and provide WHOIS response to specific queries in JSON format. Bulk Whois API is inexpensive, secure, and our support is committed to making you a happy customer.

Bulk Whois API is based on our experience of delivering online services to many of users worldwide since 2016. For the last few years, WHOIS and domain systems have been our primary focus. We know how they're working and how to use them, so you can care less about it.

Domain & WHOIS API Features

  • HTTP/REST/JSON API with API Key Authentication/Authorization
  • Domain Availability Check, WHOIS
  • Bulk Mode: Query thousands of domains. No more timeouts.
  • Raw/Formatted/JSON Format


How does it work?

  1. Initiate a batch with createBatch and get Batch ID in response. Your domains are queued now and being picked up by worker processors.
  2. Poll by sending getBatch request (with the ID) to see the status of your batch. You will see the progress.
  3. If batch is completed, you will be returned your results. Simple isn't it?

Online Domain Check and WHOIS

Traditional realtime queries are made by using either checkDomain or WHOIS . These give you immediate response to you query.



$9.0 / mo

  • Max. domains monthly: 10000
  • Max. domains in one batch: 100
  • Batch results retention time: 10 minutes
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$15.0 / mo

  • Max. domains monthly: 25000
  • Max. domains in one batch: 100
  • Batch results retention time: 1 hour
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$25.0 / mo

  • Max. domains monthly: 65000
  • Max. domains in one batch: 200
  • Batch results retention time: 12 hours
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