It presents a problem when you want to expand. When looking for brandable domains to potentially resell, you’ll want to make sure that you have meaning, as described above, but you also want to be sure that there is a possibility that the domain will actually sell. And sometimes businesses take far too little time to make these decisions, because they want to rush through the process for whatever reason. Brandable domain names are simple, catchy words or phrases that businesses use to build their online identity around. Brandable domain names can also be made-up phrases like StumbleUpon, NetVibes, Linkedin and Netflix. Domains like these are neither distinctive, engaging, nor brandable, and simply come across as blah names. Exact match domains offered two advantages. I'm sometimes touting the advantages of keyword domain names in several articles. Search engines like Google value domain names that are keyword rich more than brandable domain names because they semantically understand what to expect on the website, but this may change in the future. Most of the time they are made-up words like Zynga, Google, Flickr and Orkut. The blend is a lending company that combined the words “better lending” to create its brand name. This brings up an interesting point: descriptive words in their singular form can also be brandable. The best brandable business names have many facets which can make them successful. Marketing activities will make up the bulk of your efforts and when you finally begin your marketing campaign, you will have to be prepared to be in this for the long haul. Ideally, a brandable name will provide a clue to what the business does, whether that relates to the sector in which it operates, the services or products it provides, or its personality. Inventing a great name for any startup is not only a big task but very tricky too. It not only describes your product but gives you enough space to accommodate your offerings and create a great brand. It might be important for your business to show up when people search for “super cheap widgets”, but buying the domain “” is no basis for building a brand. Before Amazon became an e-commerce giant, you didn’t think about buying books or video games from something called Amazon. You're in for a big disappointment if you think that's gonna work. Here at Novanym, all of the brandable domain names we have for sale come with three expertly-designed logos, meaning once you’ve chosen your brand name, you can hit the ground running and immediately get on with the important work of starting your business. Use this information to design a better website starting with the domain name. Well, who’s a better judge of that than you? Your potential JV partner is a human as well, and chances are, he/she is a SOMEBODY in your field. Brandable domain names require an in-depth understanding of language, human psychology, and business. They are the aftermarkets, also called as the premium and brandable domain name marketplace. When choosing a company name and domain name, the choice often comes down to either brandable or descriptive. You can’t just search for terms in a dictionary or write down a bunch of random letters. These domains can also help (to some degree) with search engine optimization. Domains in a few markets have greater value compared to others and you'll get a feel for this as you become more mixed up in the process. No need to get frustrated with the process. It is perhaps not the most important factor to consider, but it is certainly one to have think seriously about trying to get the best domain for the business. If they complete a transaction on your site, and they want to tell their friends or colleagues about it, they will not have to think too hard about your domain name. To come up with an invented/made up brandable name you need to be really creative minded and think abstract. Does a domain name matter for SEO? As the visibility of your brand in the wider world increases, using a brandable domain will go some way to achieving a high CTR, as web users will see your web address, remember your brand, and visit your site, which in turn boosts your domain’s SEO. On the other hand, using keywords in your title means that you end up competing with hundreds or thousands of other companies

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