You may still be interested in targeting a specific keyword to be a part of your brand name, particularly if you will be using a two-word domain as a keyword/brand-word combination. If your competitors are working overtime to add the word ‘guide, ‘directory, or ‘journal to their domain name, it probably adds to their keyword rankings or appeal online. Now is a great time to start investing in quality .com brands as they are becoming increasingly rare and domain prices are trending upward. Now by combining the above keywords with one another, you can easily make up a good and decent Two-Word Brandable name. What Makes a Domain Brandable? You have looked around at other potential domain names but that one name would really go well and you understand the importance of a good domain to push your future brand or website. Also, when you add jargons related to your website topic, though jargon names are easy to get, make sure they are common enough for all visitors to understand and remember. All the names are filtered and then crafted skillfully by our experts. This brings up an interesting point: descriptive words in their singular form can also be brandable. Anybody can see this info (your personal details are exposed!). What should be taken from the (dot) com collapse, is that generic domains are not everything in a (dot) com business. A title that’s intriguing and emotionally compelling keeps your business at the top of your customer’s mind for longer. It helps to get into the mind of an entrepreneur working in a particular industry; would they find this domain a viable or premium option to build their business on versus a keyword or longer domain? They're descriptive, and created from a keyword or keyword phrase; one thing like '' for instance. For once, you can throw Google AdWords keyword data out the window-well, almost. Keep an eye out for any obvious patterns in your space that you want to avoid. This is because they want to stand out from the rest of other brands and thus becomes UNIQUE with their Brand name. Pull out a sheet of paper and take a few minutes to jot down any quality keywords that may describe your area of interest. I receive quite a few emails with people asking me this, the obvious answer is that Google looks at the keywords within a domain name and gives a direct value when someone types those keywords in the engine. In case that zero past brand name was around before moving on the internet, 1 many end up being extremely imaginative to the method of an brandable title. When should you opt for a brandable domain? So, key to create a good brandable domain name is to keep it simple, appealing, meaningful and memorable. Hence, in your bid to pick or register a two Word Brandable name make sure the word combination has a good connection or synergy this will increase its demand in the market. Youre getting a list of names with brand appeal based on working principles that are proven to increase visibility, readability or traffic. Doubled up letters (‘SportSShop,’ ‘KinGGames’) - Domains like this do not do well with the “radio test” mentioned previously and it opens up the possibility of losing traffic to typos. Well the truth is not all brandable names make sense and not all will sale after being bought or registered (Hard Truth). However, the domain must sound right as well. However, in case you find that a name of your choice is already been taken or registered, you always have an option of checking out the aftermarket, also known as premium and brandable domain name marketplace. However, if you can do something unique with your title, and stray away from the pattern for obvious, descriptive terms, then you could set yourself up for incredible success. Set up an inspiration session with your team to expand a few ideas. Often called the “radio test,” you can simply ask a few friends to spell out a domain name over the phone or in person.

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