Usually, at least one of the words you use in your initial domain name search will be used in creating a suggested name. Availability across platforms can be one of your tests in vetting your different name options. That does not mean that you either have to take some problematic word or form a phrase to end up with a brandable domain name. In many instances, when people are pointing to “brandable domains” they mean specialties that are non-keyword names with no particular descriptive meaning. Note: one thing is common and constant amongst shought after Brandable Names is that, they are always very short words, memorable, catchy to the eyes and yet conveys the right emotion or meaning of what a company represents or stands for. For some, who didn’t know the scientific theory meaning of a Googol (a mind-boggling number written as one followed by 100 zeros) the title might have hurt a bit on the relevancy and reliability parts in the early days, but as it’s become the norm for search all of those problems have disappeared. The market for domain names is constantly evolving and growing, and with it, the risks to businesses that choose sub-optimal domain name extensions. Look at the game and learn from it, but then do something unusual. If you choose the keyword route, look for a “narrower,” more targeted keyword, if you can. If you want to incorporate a keyword in your name and domain, choose the most relevant keyword and work from there. Once you have made the payment successfully, the KillerLaunch team will contact you through email or mobile and ask you about the details of your domain registrar to transfer the domain name to your account. Check the website of any major domain name registrar to see if they offer this type of service for free. Short and easy to spell domain names become popular easily because people can remember and type them easily. Though it’s a smaller funnel, it can be a filling funnel, particularly if your goal is to turn more companies to sales, rather than rack up unique visitor stats that don’t make you any money. Given how high we have to live with a group or brandable domain name, it’s incredible how few thought most companies give to them. Make sure your brandable domain name is also accessible as an official company name on your main social media platforms. Ideally, align your company name to what you plan to use as a field and be harmonious everywhere. There’s always room for creativity, but it should be evident to all readers how a brandable name would be pronounced. We talked a lot concerning Google in the “What Importance Should SEO Play in Determining Your Brandable Name? But, a great domain name can boost your Google rankings, too. Think like a consumer when determining your name and domain. In addition to watching how names might interest a client, instead of how they call to you, think of the client from a user view. Can a user even tell the difference between multiple similar domains based on remixes of the same generic keyword sets? If you're making an attempt to contend during a specific niche, keyword domains may well be the proper selection for you. Brandable domains and keyword domains also don’t have to be mutually exclusive. If your company is strictly local rather than global, you likely should use a different way, and your keyword match may be drastically changed. If you’re business is strictly local rather than global, you likely should use a different approach and your keyword competition may be drastically different. Determine whether your business is local or not. Your biggest concern about targeting should be: Will that term or embedded keyword be able to “contain” your business as it grows and evolves? With this, brandable domains do not suffer at the hands of those who just used a keyword as their domain and relied upon search rankings for traffic to their site without paying attention to the quality of their content. The former strategy entails the use of a discoverable domain name which should be based on phrases that people use to search, so that traffic can be diverted to your site using those phrases.

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