Another important parameter in today’s marketing ways is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In the case of doing it yourself, you can start with a WHOIS search to try to figure out who owns the domain name. My take on this is that it’s hard enough to get a good domain name. I’ve used them before and have read good reviews from others. Keep what you have read here at the front of your mind, and decide which factors are most important to the success of your home business. They’re also easy to read and say. Ideally they’re so close you could use the desired name everywhere outside of the actual domain name, including in your logo. Once you acquire the domain name, the next step is to transfer to your domain registrar. That’s it. They are the best domain registrar and I use them exclusively. That’s the biggest downside. If you want a real life example, The Wirecutter just recently rebranded to Wirecutter. The other students might need to watch out, Samara is the real deal folks! Domain names that might be acquirable, as outlined above, can be challenging. That might just lead to wasting time and potentially losing out on the name. At this point you should have a narrowed down list of viable options for your domain name. When it comes to picking up the social handles, you’ll have options. If the domain name seems acquirable, but it isn’t clear - you have two options. Even if you know there isn’t any chance you can afford it today. You can get creative, or even potentially acquire the handles from the current owners. You'll have to be compelled to draw up a handful of lists of words associated with your complete, and then get to figure pairing them till you discover one thing that works. Depending on who you are dealing with, there could be some room to get the price down. Of course, I still do not know who owns that domain name, but at least I have a broker who does. Consequent to this it is really effortless overlook a lot of the more longstanding processes for profiting net one particular area that carries on present you with a way for you to generate some quick financial resources are the investing of domain names. There is no way I would have figured out who owns that domain name if I didn’t have a broker figure it out for me. Typically, the only way you will have to pay a fee is if you buy the domain name. It’s a risk - there is no guarantee your desired target domain name will be there when you are ready. Don’t pick a name based on keyword relevance alone. On the other hand, if you visit any domain name marketplace, you are likely to find that most of the domains listed are generic domain names with the exact keyword match. If we look at the case of Google, it serves all of these things, even though it’s an odd name. Don’t make it even harder or nearly impossible by also adding this criteria. I don’t recommend pushing too hard or overthinking this. I personally don’t mind a domain with one (maybe two) hyphens in them but domains-that-have-lots-of-them-frustrate-me-and-turn-me-off. You should keep in mind that your domain is the first thing that your visitors will see about your site and it's important that you choose it intelligently. Some will tell you that you do not need a website to make this work and, technically, that is true. In particular, brandable domains are equally beneficial for giving your business a unique name that will set it apart from the competition and offer significant benefits to the SEO value of your website. To me this is a crucial question (that emerges out of your overall strategy) and one that will help you answer some of the important questions that we’ll discuss below. Either you can try to figure out who owns the domain name yourself and reach out to them. They almost always know who owns what, and if they don’t, they have ways of figuring it out. You have a middle man who can be the bad guy for you. The two names have to be very closely related.

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