In my research I discovered some hot selling keywords. Prepare a selling case for each domain name whether you share it or not. The SEO value of your domain name will also depend on the click through rate (CTR) of your website-that means the proportion of people who will click a link to the site after seeing it. Blendtec - Will it Blend? The blend is a lending company that combined the words “better lending” to create its brand name. Check out our website to find your online business a name now. Search engine domains are very rarely brandable, and are primarily utilized to redirect traffic to a main website. “I’ve seen many small and medium businesses buy up a bunch of different extensions of the same domain, and put the same content on all the sites thinking they’re casting a wide traffic net,” says Keith Fleming of 540 SEO. Spencer says it’s important to set out the vision you have for your business from the get-go. It was helpful to be told to approach my vision statement by answering the question “What problem is your site solving? Today’s coaching call is all about figuring out a vision for your website, how to make it unique, and a basic branding discussion.</i> ” The call might have been on the shorter side, but it still packs a punch! ” It’s easy to get caught up in picking a niche and then rushing to put a site together, but it’s vitally important to figure out what you’re adding to the conversation. Spencer gave two really good examples of gimmicks, so I have to get to thinking about my unique value proposition. They are quite good for SEO work and usually sell fast on the domain aftermarkets but why is the top end of the market only interested in the brandable domain names? So why don't your save yourself some time and find a domain name that is SEO friendly, before consulting an SEO expert? Ironically, many people who want their website to be in the front pages of the search engines are unaware of the importance of the domain name of their website.</i> To successfully Work From Home you will need a website for your Home Business. Finally, as we mentioned above, the best inventive names need to be unique. As I mentioned to Spencer, looking for keywords was totally addictive. Now that she has her keywords in hand, I felt like we needed to discuss some bigger picture strategies before she just starts posted articles all willy-nilly. On the other hand, names like Google or Uber stick in the mind because they’re unique. I’m glad to hear that Google doesn’t give preference to exact match domains. In the past I think I tried to build a site that catered more to Google than to the general public, which was probably part of the reason it was a total flop. From the logo to the voice of my site to the About Us page, there’s a lot to think about and many a decision to be made. Furthermore, these names would work for any business which deals with sound, music, or the voice. Can you still imagine yourself giving out flyers and placing advertising posters on walls (be it a legal or illegal place) to let people know about your new business? Names can sound techy or traditional, they can convey authority, fun or precision-all without spelling anything out. Hence, it is very important to always find out “what’s hot and what’s not”. To begin, find out what people's needs are in your niche. This is actually something of a challenge, since I initially thought we were just going to build a regular ‘ole niche site and call it a day. As you guys can see in the video, Spencer served up a lot of food for thought in this call. I believe this can hurt memorability and marketing efforts online and in person. This is partly about memorability (above) but also partly about the ease of keying the domain into browsers and keying it without errors. For example here in the UK there are a couple of similar services, both of which have a brandable domain name that has nothing to do with what they provide.

Six Amazing Check Domain Hacks