Aside from the fact that Google is now penalizing low-quality sites with direct-match domain names, you’ll also face more competition for a descriptive name. This can leave these domains banned by Google which gets you off to a pretty poor start. No keyword domains. No unimaginative, descriptive business names, and no awkward, clunky or embarrassing ones either. The best domain names aren’t just the ones that your customers can find easily. And users would definitely be coming back to your website and it wouldn’t be hard to refer your website to other potential customers as well, which could mean more traffic and higher chances of boosting your business to another level. Like most things you don’t pay for, a domain you get for free sometimes shouts to your customers that you’re cheap. Start by listing all the names you like. A good practice is to keep the brand name in your domain name i.e., should purchase brandable domain names because if both are even slightly different, this may hurt your business opportunities. Think like a customer when choosing your name and domain. In the reverse approach, if you use an existing domain name which sound like a brand for your business then it is a brandable domain name for your business and hence if there is such a domain created already, then you can simply purchase it and adopt it into your business. It’s the list before your final name list. I like to call this a concept list. Once you have a thorough concept list, you can develop a more refined list of potential names. So make your JV proposal as benefit laden, and "hands free" for your potential partner as possible. Though it’s a smaller funnel, it can be a filling funnel, particularly if your goal is to turn more companies to sales, rather than rack up unique visitor stats that don’t make you any money. Make it easy for them to find you and as effortless as possible to remember you. In some cases you can find a good one for hundreds of dollars. Some domain names aren’t for sale at all, while others have sold for millions of dollars. Most of the world’s popular online portals have been built around brandable domain names. There are special marketplaces to sell brandable domain names. At this stage, you will find countless domain names signed up and lots of instances, one finds how the wanted area will be used. This is one of the areas where you should not think too much about being unique. I'm not sure how much of the re-brand had to do with the fantastic start to 2015 with respects to domain name sales, but I sure hope it did. This change of ownership is straightforward, completely free and as much help will be given as you require. Price subject to change. Prices of domain ranges from $349.00 up to $2488.00 (Subject to change, please inquire). Buy Now Price is $349.00 Ea. We always recommend our readers to buy a domain from the authentic marketplace that’s because of trust, and you genuinely buy a premium domain name. 2. Buy a name that is already registered from the person that owns it. An evocative brandable domain name resembles an image, mood, or memory. In this gig, we will research and suggest you 10 brandable domain names, which will help you to create a website or an app. Moreover, taking the keywords in the domain names will help search engines separated from the main objective of a niche domain from another domain, and ultimately, a better chance to compete against other sites in Keyword. 6.If you search by topic, you can easily see specific words that are very popular in your category. Think about the million that are spent by corporations year after year on branding within any industry be it Sunoco, Abercrombie & Finch, Shell, CNN, Dell and just about any house held product. At Brandotive we have a team of creative thinking people with a passion for naming and branding. The issue is that in many cases, people don’t even realize that there are other options. Are words, well, words even though they’re not in the dictionary? Take your project and write down of all the words, descriptors, phrases, ideas, mantras, etc. that come to mind. For starters it could see the possibilities for expanding your site down the track limited. The tighter your budget, the more limited you’ll be more limited in what you can do. Regardless of which option you go with, you’ll pay an annual registration fee of $7-$15/year on average. If you are acquiring the name on top of that, you’ll pay an additional acquisition price. Choose a domain name that is short.</i>

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