Make sure your brandable domain name is also accessible as an official company name on your main social media platforms. Rather, they are a valuable component in an array of variables which make an Internet business a success. Brandable domain names bring success faster, so please do enough research before making a final decision whether you buy it for a business website, an app, or a blog. The last time I filed a claim as a member of a Class in a case against Toshiba, I (eventually) received a check that was large enough to take care of my phone, cable and Internet bill for that month, and I still had plenty of cash left over for food shopping. I received a large envelope in the mail today. It is possible to hire some one for ones same. Search engines do get a sign from a keyword that it is possible that the site should be listed for that keyword, but it is the first of content that defines the ranking. Once again this increases your chances of finding a domain with your keyword in it but could ‘cheapen’ the sound of your domain (a matter of personal opinion of course). Of course when I came to register this domain I tried to get the .com but it was unavailable so I decided that .net would serve my purposes (which it has). Of course the above points are not hard and fast rules. Like I previously mentioned, Hybrid names are the most sought after brandable names and sells fast because they are stylish, unique and retains meaning of the keyword they portray. Should you choose a keyword rich domain? Generic domain names on the other hand constitute descriptive keyword rich English words that users are likely to type into their search engines when looking for products and services. Despite of Google’s regularly updated algorithms, such names stand a great chance to rank higher in search rankings every time. In my opinion, precise match domains have designed a nasty name for themselves as scammers and black hat guys used them to rank on Google means before Google introduced the EMD update. When coming from the offline business into the work from home Internet world, the obvious choice for brand domains is the offline brand name plus a: (dot) com and/or (dot) country extension. “”, “”, “” etc. are some of the examples of keyword-based brand names. Hyphens? - Another eternal debate with domain names is over the value of hyphenated names. Opinions of Others - Before you buy that domain you’ve been eyeing off - it might be worthwhile running it by one or two other trusted friends (who won’t run off and buy it themselves). I personally don’t mind a domain with one (maybe two) hyphens in them but domains-that-have-lots-of-them-frustrate-me-and-turn-me-off. These letters (ie .com, .net, .org etc) are technically called the Top Level Domain (TLD) and are divided into two types. Firstly there are country code TLD’s and secondly there are ‘generic’ TLDs which signify different types of organizations (in theory at least). Name Length - there are a range of opinions on what the ideal length of a domain name is.</i> There are differing kinds of brandable domains, even people who do use keywords, thus let's dive in and see what they're all regarding. Relevant. Through either equal or implied meaning, they link to your mission, idea, product or service even if they don’t catch it. The name isn't going to get any type-in traffic, but it is very search engine friendly; type the search term "In Re Visa Check/MasterMoney Antitrust Litigation" into MSN or Google and a link to the website can be found within the top 5 organic search results. Turns out that I am a member of a Class that has settled with MasterCard and Visa in a Class Action suit. The sender is "In Re Visa Check/MasterMoney Antitrust Litigation". The next line in the sender address reads "Claims Administrator". For more on that see our prior post: “What Importance Should SEO Play in Choosing Your Brand Name? Numbers? - Another option to consider when choosing a domain on a topic that is quite crowded is to include a number at the beginning or end of it. In the end the topic and name just didn’t fit.

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