If you get stuck, I recommend listening to this podcast episode with Anthony Shore from Operative Word, a company that specializes in naming things. Anthony sets his to all the news articles from 2014-2017. You can look up words that are used near or in relationship with other words. In addition to rhymes, you can also find synonyms and adjectives. You might get lucky and find something you like just by browsing. Make sure it sounds like a credible business name. What is more grand way than having such brand names as your website domain names to launch your brand and business? We create company, brand and product names for start-ups and big businesses alike. In a keyword-based brand domain name, you will see that the keyword will hit the main product or services provided by the company. Choose the right one for your great idea, startup, product or service. One of my favorite words to add to a domain is “adviser” or “advisor”. More times than not, if a domain name is for sale when I type it into my browser, it is one of those two companies that is behind the sale. More times than not, I will fail at finding out who owns the domain name myself. Most governmental trademark offices will reject trademark applications for terms that are merely descriptive of the products or services sold. Many reputable domain registration services on the web have added little domain name generators to their sites. Brandable domain names are usually short, catchy, memorable words or phrases that are used to build businesses, products, services or personal identities online. It helps you connect with your target customers easily, and people tend to remember and recall such names for a longer period. Picking a name that is time specific in any way might find you searching for a new domain when it is no longer relevant at some future time. Write down everything you think might work. Once you have the narrowed down list, the next step is to dig even deeper to determine what your final options will be. If you fail to renew it, then someone else will be able to replace you as the owner. Someone else owns it and isn’t necessarily looking to sell it. What ideas or terms would an everyday individual use, as engaged to someone in the business? Our marketplace offers many name ideas listed by category or industry. Trust your instincts and go for a name that resonates with you, and that will make a connection with your audience. Finally, each article will have to have a strong call to action helping your readers to understand exactly what they need to do next. Today’s coaching call is all about figuring out a vision for your website, how to make it unique, and a basic branding discussion. Let’s say you identify a domain name that you really like, but it is out of range for your budget. When you complete this process with the right diligence and nuance, you are going to find it extremely beneficial when you do pick out the brandable domain name that works for you. Lastly on the ‘future front’ - don’t pick a name that you suspect might date quickly. Get brandable domain names for sale that you can pick from. It is important to understand your market if you are to use brandable domain names to your advantage. If the domain name is for sale, that’s the best case scenario. 10. Does it pass the Google test? Google the name. Ideally there are not any other organizations that pop up. Now that you know what elements contribute to a great brand, there are a few things you definitely want to consider avoiding when selecting quality brandable domains. Bet you didn’t know that Quick Sprout rhymes with six out, big trout, this crowd, clear out, and sixth round. Interestingly, some of these names even have a Greek or Latin origin. There are differing kinds of brandable domains, even people who do use keywords, thus let's dive in and see what they're all regarding. If there are, you at least want to make sure they are not in the same industry, or even in a closely related industry. And, if you cannot get exact keyword you could at least get a keyword-rich name like the hyphenated one given here. Narrow your list down quickly by typing in the .com for each name that you like. 2. Do you like it? Our algorithm only considers invented names and not keywords and .com domains only. In fact, 75% of the domains on the web are .com extension.

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