Why not secure this short memorable domain name at our excellent value price? Five letter .com domain names have sold more than 10,000 times in the past 3 years with an average price of $4975 (NameBio data). The domain name is currently registered until early September 2020 (that period transfers with the domain name to the new owner), and after that renews at standard inexpensive .com extension rates. The name renews at standard .co extension rates, about $25 per year. A brandable domain name is one of the easiest ways to instantly introduce your customers to who you are and what you stand for. If you’ve found a brandable domain, and are considering adopting it as your business name, run a few quick checks before you purchase it. The word “Ask” is the first syllable of this name, also the second syllable “Kiki” is the Japanese word for “Machine”. I don’t think it makes sense that some domain investors think that a cool/hip sounding domain name will help inspire a marketing campaign or product name, which would seem to be the reason to register it. Though it’s a narrower funnel, it can be a richer funnel, especially if your goal is to convert more visitors to sales, rather than just rack up amazing visitor stats that don’t make you any money. On the other side, some people register these names hoping that a company will use that particular term or phrase in a new product and then seek them out to buy it. I frequently see people trying to sell “brandable” domain names. Yes this is the power of brands and Google, Yahoo or Twitter all picked unique brandable domains instead of keyword rich domain name. The story of some of the biggest brands in the world would rightly confirm this fact. The fact that you are reading this article, especially if you are interested enough to read this far into it shows that written-type media still has power and will continue to have power well into the future. Your brand is the basis for everything and will determine how your company, product or service is perceived in the marketplace. Purchase (or make offer) through third party marketplace. Make an offer directly to us. This is one of the best names for any brand and they are so many reasons that make us say so. It’s fair to say that Keith De Boer’s BrandBucket survey report and mine shares similarities. If your goal is to create a brand and develop long term value in that brand, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you need a brandable domain name. All you need to do is choose a name for your website. Prices are listed in USD and are for the domain name only. Does a domain name matter for SEO? Whether you want to learn just how to effectively pen down a name for your domain to match your business setup or want to make money by so doing by being creative with branded names. When Google's EMD update, exact match domains with quality or dishonest content were fined. This means that you are going to make this content available for other bloggers and webmasters to publish on their sites as well. They also provide pre-designed logo that brings contextual finesse in order to bring out the brand identity joint with attractive and impressive domain name. Should you choose a keyword rich domain? In my opinion, if you can’t afford to buy a high value keyword name and choose to register new names instead, I recommend sticking with generic keyword phrases. While I know of a couple people who did have success with this, there are many more brandable domain names registered than companies willing to buy them. There is significantly discussion which components include the most critical any time deciding exactly what area to buy. Currently, there are now millions and millions of registered domain names on the internet. What makes a domain name “brandable”? Summary This sounds so energetic and lots of passion is created when the name is being pronounced its a perfect brand name for food producing industries or any company that sells energetic fo.. Such domains contain the keywords being searched for.

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