We hope this article helped you learn how to register a domain name for your website. The easiest way to do this is to submit a copy of your article to several article directories. The most effective brandable domain names are ones that contain distinctive words; however that are connected to the website's purpose in a way. Zig Ziglar said, the way to achieve success is to help others get what they want. But that being said, the idea is so freaking exciting. While they don’t have to be rational, they do have to be credible-anything too awkward, silly, or plain bizarre isn’t a good idea. The issue is that in many cases, people don’t even realize that there are other options. For instance, if you are looking to sell computer accessories through your ecommerce site, you are going to want to browse brand names that will appeal to your target demographic - gamers and professionals who are between the ages of 18 to 29. And most of the people you are appealing to will probably be men. Its a simple concept, but not many people get it. Get creative, because it’s time to do some brainstorming. Use this information to design a better website starting with the domain name. Also if you are starting a blog with a localized focus it is well worth considering a country code on your TLD as it will help you get indexed in local search engines (I get a lot of traffic on my .au domains from Google Australia). In this guide, I want to walk you through my process for buying a domain name, starting with how I go about coming up with a name in the first place. Before you even think about buying a domain name, you’ll need to do some ground work. As we discussed in the beginning, today, customers have unlimited choices; therefore, a start-up must work towards establishing a strong brand identity that is unique, captivating and consistent. Memorable: Because your name is unique, it’s also easier to recall than other generic terms. Additionally, it’s impossible to trademark a generic term, which means that you can’t protect your identity. The mix of the two words “Alfa”, which means Alpha. Other monikers make up new words completely from scratch, using sounds and syllables to create an emotional impact. Don’t make it even harder or nearly impossible by also adding this criteria. Brandable domains and keyword domains also don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Everything we offer is copyright free, so you would not have to worry anymore about legal complications. Just remember it’s usually better to have one strong keyword involved rather than a string of related keywords. In some cases you can find a good one for hundreds of dollars. The tighter your budget, the more limited you’ll be more limited in what you can do. If you are acquiring the name on top of that, you’ll pay an additional acquisition price. Regardless of which option you go with, you’ll pay an annual registration fee of $7-$15/year on average. Like most things you don’t pay for, a domain you get for free sometimes shouts to your customers that you’re cheap. If one day you don’t want to run your site in a blog format you might feel a bit trapped. Don’t just register whatever domain name is available and call it a day. 1. Register a name that isn’t already currently registered. There’s nothing wrong with registering a domain name that is available, as long as you’ve thought it through and are intentional about it. Brandable domains, in addition to being available, typically incorporate most, if not all, of the following characteristics. Some domain names aren’t for sale at all, while others have sold for millions of dollars. Brandable domain names are titles that you and your company can own. Recently, he’s named the on-demand fitness system Tonal (love how it’s a word that conveys fitness tone and some sense of the futuristic) and Virgin Voyages (formerly Virgin Cruises, which really, who wants to take a cruise when you can take a voyage?). Take your project and write down of all the words, descriptors, phrases, ideas, mantras, etc. that come to mind. Come up with as many words as possible. Your domain name should as closely near the central part of your trade name as possible. In the past I think I tried to build a site that catered more to Google than to the general public, which was probably part of the reason it was a total flop.

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