The other argument is that if you are looking for SE traffic that you might like to consider a longer domain name with a number of the keywords that you’re looking for traffic on. As a result if you’re after SE traffic then these types of names can be worth looking at. I’ve talked a little about each of these types of traffic in this previous post - they each have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages and can be the result of different strategies. I'll post more of the Overture-friendly domains next time. In one instance the problem was that the blog started on a fairly narrow topic (a sub-niche) and on a domain that reflected this but that in time it expanded it’s topic as the industry changed. There are good arguments for and against both types of domain name which we could talk about for some time and it’s quite common to feel torn when making this type of decision between the two options. Goals and Objectives - I constantly come back to this point in most of my tips posts on a variety of aspects of blogging - but it’s so important to be thinking of the long term vision that you have for a blog when you’re making decisions like those about domain names. These letters (ie .com, .net, .org etc) are technically called the Top Level Domain (TLD) and are divided into two types. Blogs that have these types of domains include Boing Boing, Gizmodo and Dooce. Brandable Domains - these domains might often have some relation to their topic in terms of their feel or sound but are much more about creating something memorable that can become an identity in and of itself. What is the topic of the blog? I’ve seen a number of bloggers start up blogs with domains that fit with the topic of the blog initially but which outgrow the domain down the track. Here's your chance to score a couple of nice, brandable domains for a very small amount. Amazing Brand Names is a one stop market place for Amazing Brand names, brandable domainnames and getting that unique SEO Friendly catchy domain name for your current or future business.</i> A brand name must be s.. Which must you choose? Here are some example domain names that contain common words not directly describing what the business offers. For example Google, Yahoo and Yoast etc. Their success proves the effectiveness of brandable domains. In fact if you look at Technorati’s Top 100 blogs - you’ll see that most of them have brandable names and not Keyword based ones. Feb You will know creative business name generators that can help you with top. That choice will impact the website's achievement in nearly every area, included social media marketing (SMM) and search engine optimization (SEO). One of the many things that can impact the source of your traffic is your domain name. Also worth remembering is that personal taste comes into decisions like this - what’s a good name will mean different things to different people. With a list of proposed business names , you will need a Name . Having a list of names to draw on means you can run through the necessary business name searches all in one go, and if a few of the names on your list turn out . They blog (yes they are blogs - run by MovableType) ‘about’ hundreds of topics and have a domain name that suits this perfectly. That is why most companies, particularly the online startups, are keen on grabbing unique brandable domain names which are seemingly meaningless but have a powerful resonance with most audiences. Like I previously mentioned, Hybrid names are the most sought after brandable names and sells fast because they are stylish, unique and retains meaning of the keyword they portray. 4. Click on Buy Now if you are satisfied with the pricing mentioned, however, you can also make your own offer by clicking on make an offer. However, almost everyone on earth recognizes and remembers the names. When domain names are registered with what is their "registry" through a registrar they much be assigned contact information to the owner much like a house or car. I guess this is an example of how ultimately it doesn’t matter what domain you start blogs on as it’s a blog that does pretty well - however I often wonder how much better if could have done if I’d just thought ahead a little more! If the name, of the domain is easy to remember, and we can communicate easily, so it is much more likely that visitors return to the site.

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