Credible: A company named “Widgio” sounds more authoritative than “” Your customers like to see that you’ve put time and effort into creating a meaningful identity for your organisation. On the large world of the internet, having a unique identity is important. Nike - To be the number one athletic company in the world. This mainly because one has to first of all carry out market research on the brandable domain names for sale and the cool company names because in reality most of the brandable domain names are usually under registration and therefore one has to follow certain due processes to acquire the brandable domain names for sale at a certain stated fee. If it is, consider including the state or city that you are currently on and targeting as a demographic for your business and include it in the production of your domain name. You can see the process for transferring your domain name here. A great domain name is like a good catchphrase - short, simple and memorable. Now that she has her keywords in hand, I felt like we needed to discuss some bigger picture strategies before she just starts posted articles all willy-nilly. Today we talked about the big picture. As you guys can see in the video, Spencer served up a lot of food for thought in this call. Contrary to what Shakespeare said, "what's in a name?", in SEO community a name, a domain name, matters a lot. Acquiring Premium domain business names gives you enormous SEO benefits. If you are a local business and don’t aim to move to expand your business further, then you can focus on acquiring country specific extensions like .in, .au, .uk, .de, etc. Platforms like Brandnic help you search out the availability of your domain name, and also suggest other options that might be suited for your business. Of course, you should try it out and see the results yourself if you like it, but I do. Who wouldn’t want to try to build a long-term business and grow it over time into something big? As a result, it’s very exciting to just have someone tell me what kind of theme I’m going to want to install and to provide guidance during the process. Before the project started, I hadn’t considered the possibility of creating a brand or developing my own product, so it’s hard for me to get my head around that. Spencer has given me about a thousand assignments. When Spencer pulled up the slide about WordPress, I have to admit I felt ill. ” The call might have been on the shorter side, but it still packs a punch! The other students might need to watch out, Samara is the real deal folks! Samara is making some great progress with her site and is about ready to start publishing content! Sedo almost certainly the leading sites online for selling domains you can even start are looking for out what goes on there and join a forum like NamePros or DNForum. Sounds like a cinch! Grab a dictionary and a thesaurus if you like and turn your software into a super name generator. If you would like to watch the entire coaching call, please do so below.</i> Well here we are on coaching call no. 5, and as Spencer says, “It’s about to get real! What problems are you solving for your readers? It was helpful to be told to approach my vision statement by answering the question “What problem is your site solving? Today’s coaching call is all about figuring out a vision for your website, how to make it unique, and a basic branding discussion. Samara was left with the assignment to find 20 low competition keywords using the methods shown during our last call. I’m happy to report that Samara SMASHED that assignment and found closer to 100 great keywords to target! State specific keywords can be good, too. As I mentioned to Spencer, looking for keywords was totally addictive. Is there a unique angle or “gimmic” that can make your website attractive to readers? Again, this depends on your angle and brand of your website - they should align. What is the overall goal of your website? In most cases, you will find software that will automatically set up your website for you in the control panel available on your host's server.

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