Your term should translate well into any market or geographic location. Companies are just beginning to understand their value and power when acquiring new clients, don't be left behind in this exciting market but understand all aspects of the industry before jumping in. Many domain companies specializing in the “brandable” niche have large teams of linguists and brand professionals who carefully select the highest value brandable names that can be used in building robust online brands. ” Then why are you running after “tires” as a complex in either your brand or SEO strategy? Part 2 of 2 in a series on branding and SEO. SEO - hyphens are said to identify keywords to search engines more clearly (once again there is some debate over this). Hyphens? - Another eternal debate with domain names is over the value of hyphenated names. Cheap and Nasty Factor - there is a perception among many web-masters that domains with lots of keywords and hyphens are spammy. Secure Multiple Domains - One piece of advice that many experienced web-masters recommend is making sure that you secure other similar domain names to the one you eventually choose. When choosing a domain, it is never a good idea to choose a domain extension, simply because the other (better) extensions have already been taken.</i> Numbers? - Another option to consider when choosing a domain on a topic that is quite crowded is to include a number at the beginning or end of it. Typically, when I come across a very long domain name, it's usually a novelty name that is long for the sake of being long. In the process of acquiring a cool company name and brandable domain name, there are certain features that have to be considered to ensure you select something viable. Commission AutopilotIf you'll brand new in the direction of domain niche might be worth stating that there are customers involved which you'll find skilled domain flippers therefore, the brands of names that generated people millions were registered in the past. Creating a unique brand can also help a company stand out from the competition. This is not essential but might help you protect your niche in some circumstances. It’s also interesting to see how a name might sound to a person of a different culture to your own. It’s like a Hit Back to Back. The other argument is that if you are looking for SE traffic that you might like to consider a longer domain name with a number of the keywords that you’re looking for traffic on. It looks like you want to start your dream website and looking for a great SEO friendly domain name! SEO - This is where many of the arguements over TLD’s come in. Firstly there are country code TLD’s and secondly there are ‘generic’ TLDs which signify different types of organizations (in theory at least). Keep in mind that there are millions of domain names registered around the world, and that the Internet is not region specific. Picking a name that is time specific in any way might find you searching for a new domain when it is no longer relevant at some future time. Whether these laws vary from country to country I’m unsure - but it’s worth considering if you’re picking a domain that might clash in this way. However, it’s important to be cautious with your naming choices. Some basic info about your business, your desired niche/industry, and your personal choices. Once again this increases your chances of finding a domain with your keyword in it but could ‘cheapen’ the sound of your domain (a matter of personal opinion of course). I guess this is an example of how ultimately it doesn’t matter what domain you start blogs on as it’s a blog that does pretty well - however I often wonder how much better if could have done if I’d just thought ahead a little more! I’m not going to get into it in much depth except to say that most people believe .com to be most powerful and that .net and .org are also good. For example, if you choose a .com domain name it might be worth getting the .net and .org ones if you can, or perhaps even getting plurals or other logical similar ones. These letters (ie .com, .net, .org etc) are technically called the Top Level Domain (TLD) and are divided into two types

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