Say you want a name that starts with Bl and ends with rd, and it’s seven letters long - you can literally search for that. A domain which is approximately five letters long is highly desirable for a brand. That could mean that the domain name isn’t registered yet, which is great! Someone else owns it and isn’t necessarily looking to sell it. With so many domains, it may be difficult to find what one is looking for. If you’re business is strictly local rather than global, you likely should use a different approach and your keyword competition may be drastically different. You can use it to find words that start or end a certain way for example. The idea here is that you can start with a domain name with the intention to move to another one down the road. Start by listing all the names you like. Surely companies like Fedex, Esmark, Armour will come to your mind first and coincidently these companies’ names are also short as well as creative and unique words. MRC Psycholinguistic Database - He talks about this more in the podcast - it’s a pretty advanced way to search for words with certain criteria. Suggestive Brandable Domains: This type of domain is proving very popular and if you have sufficient budget for a 1-word domain you can find something that will grow with your business long-term. When should you opt for a brandable domain? There are certain sites online that have built up a reputation for offering the very best brandable domains to their customers. These domain names have no apparent connection to the content of their respective sites. And you should surely use it for any and all launches of your startups or new business models since it helps you to instantly achieve your present go-to-market strategy, with the brand identity combined with your domain name itself. An approach that I am a fan of is to use the starter domain approach. Use an industry term, relevant word, idea, color, or some other identifier that the target audience will associate with. Note: I will not buy the domain names for you, I will suggest them to you. This is always my starting point, and preferred approach to acquiring a domain name. 1. Remember your customer: Always think of a name which resonates with your business niche and whom your customers can relate to. The great thing about finding the right brandable domain name is that you will be giving your business the best possible chance of making an impact in the ecommerce world. The reason why brandable domain names for sale are so appealing is because they allow you the opportunity to take on a brand name that is going to win over your target market. The best domains are typically the ones for sale unfortunately. More times than not, if a domain name is for sale when I type it into my browser, it is one of those two companies that is behind the sale. If the domain name is for sale, that’s the best case scenario. 10. If it passes the Google test, you are probably good to go, but just in case is it trademarked? 9. Does it pass the Google test? Google the name. Ideally there are not any other organizations that pop up. However, there is no harm in giving it a shot and doing some level of negotiating. If there is an established website built on the domain name, cross it off your list. Domain Name Keyword:Having targeted and relevant keywords for a domain is a good idea, not only the customers / visitors of the benefit, but also sites the SEO benefits. Don’t worry about SEO or keywords - that doesn’t matter. Our algorithm only considers invented names and not keywords and .com domains only. Why I Invest In Brandable Domain Names? Members will think your domain name is your “handle” or name elsewhere. If a big brand has already acquired your .com extension, then you will need the money to get it from them. I recommend browsing through the following websites to get more ideas. Once you have a thorough concept list, you can develop a more refined list of potential names. Once you have the narrowed down list, the next step is to dig even deeper to determine what your final options will be. Keep this option on your list, and take note of the listed price if there is a listed price. It is very unlikely to be a viable option. Anthony sets his to all the news articles from 2014-2017. You can look up words that are used near or in relationship with other words. Concepts are intrinsically more generative than specific words because concepts can include other concepts

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