However, be certain to think long and hard when choosing your domain. However, sometimes brandable name sales can be generated from companies that are looking to REBRAND, for example: A company called “FoodieBay” rebranded to “Zomato” in 2008. (Zomato dot com, was then listed on Brandbucket and bought by “FoodieBay Dot com”. The brand identity built-up is typically available with many brandable domain name sellers in the market which provides you appropriate pre-select extensions popular across the world which is rightly chosen for your market segment. A one word brandable domain name is simply a Dictionary single Word that can be used to brand a company. So they’ll most times go for the alternative Brandable Names to the Real Dictionary Word. Brandable:Although a name of domain consisting of the dictionary word is trustworthy, this is not always the best area for the brand. Brandable names are names companies decides to go for to make their brand UNIQUE and stand out from the CROWD. Most times it can be frustrating to invest in Brandable Domain Names due to prolonged delays to make a sale, but when you hit a sale. This at times gives negative impact since it could be spam and look for engines do not entertain this. Conduct research, look at what domain names worked for startups in your field in the past, assess the options that you have, look at your budget, and figure out what you are going to do. The reason why brandable domain names for sale are so appealing is because they allow you the opportunity to take on a brand name that is going to win over your target market. And that is the only way a brandable marketplace or End-Users will always be interested in your name. Hence, these type of names are often great alternatives to businesses looking to retain their brand identity or services in a brand name they choose. And you should surely use it for any and all launches of your startups or new business models since it helps you to instantly achieve your present go-to-market strategy, with the brand identity combined with your domain name itself. For instance, consider how many collaborative software products use the word “Teams” in their name. This last selection can take quite little bit of ingenious, blue-sky thinking however it will mean that your complete name are wholly distinctive. Just because your title is unique doesn’t mean it should be overly complicated. So, how can you choose a brandable title? Thus, making “LionHeart” a suitable 2 word brandable name. That is why a mobile phone company will decide to name her Brand “Apple” instead of “Phones”, why because they want their brand to be “Unique” and different from the rest. A brandable name can also help when listing your company on sites like Yelp and selling products on Amazon. A company can market itself around the brand. You may still be interested in targeting a specific keyword to be a part of your brand name, particularly if you will be using a two-word domain as a keyword/brand-word combination. There may be more hot keywords, just do some research to find out. If you’re looking to go the discovery route, you may find the Bust-A-Name tool with built in thesaurus very helpful for finding related words and descriptors for your brand names. In case that zero past brand name was around before moving on the internet, 1 many end up being extremely imaginative to the method of an brandable title. Most of the examples in this post are valuable one-word domain names that cost a lot of money - but brandable domains don’t have to be expensive. I would estimate the bulk of valuable brandable domain sales are between four and five characters. If the 2 above conditions are met, you can always have a potentially valuable 2 keyword Brandable name. Every brandable name falls into one of the above mentioned categories either One Word or Two Word or Hybrid or Invented Brandable Names. The above mentioned features are very important characteristics of a Brandable Domain Name. With this mindset, you can easily decipher (understand) what end users are looking for thus, you can make a better decision while registering a brandable name having the above mentioned tips in mind. N/B: Also note that all brandable marketplaces desires you submit shorter names to them. Brandable domain names aren’t right for every business

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