In the case of doing it yourself, you can start with a WHOIS search to try to figure out who owns the domain name. SEO - hyphens are said to identify keywords to search engines more clearly (once again there is some debate over this). The SEO value of your domain name will also depend on the click through rate (CTR) of your website-that means the proportion of people who will click a link to the site after seeing it. Googling the domain name and seeing if it is tied to any social media profiles or other websites is also a good approach. Domain names that take your brand to great heights, often mostly associate with .com extensions, even today. The other positive is that Search Engines take a good look at the words in your domain name when deciding what your blog is about and how to rank it.</i> Well, once you have that, one of the first things you need to do is put a blog on it. Brandable names need to be creative. Our hand-picked selection of unique, catchy and creative business names will make your company or app stand out. With the market being crowded with options, companies are fighting tooth and nail to stand out from the crowd. Maybe these tech companies think they don’t need vowels or they just couldn’t acquire the exact match dot-com domain name for a good price. They need to be able to see the people who work there and get feel for who they are the level of professionalism that they sustain. Source of Traffic - I’ve seen many articles on how to choose a domain name written but in very few of them (if any) have I see a discussion on the type of traffic that you will be wanting to build your website/blog around. It’s just one less thing to worry about. Don’t buy any of the add ons or worry about web hosting or any of that yet except for “privacy protection”. When keywords are the (domain name) Domeinnaam of web sites, visitors can immediately know what the site is short, and what to expect from it. I do not use them for anything else because there are other companies that I use for the rest of my web needs. In this day and age, online presence is a big thing for companies. It’s frequently more difficult with the increase in online stores and online regularly presence. My take on this is that it’s hard enough to get a good domain name. Websites with .com names take a place ahead of the .net or .org or names with country codes. Brandable business names are ones which have the potential to become great brand names. It helps to urge into the mind of associate bourgeois operating in an exceedingly specific industry; would they realize this domain a viable or premium choice to build their business on versus a keyword or longer domain? You must still make the choice between the domain names they have available. I much prefer to focus on names that are clearly for sale. 3. The domain name is clearly for sale. Here at Brandotive, we have a selection of great, creative, and extremely brandable domain names ready for purchase for just an affordable price. Finding a site that will sell premium brand names is a good first step. They might give you a boost in clicks to your site in the short-term but it won’t create a meaningful brand connection with your customers. This Memorable brand name will be suitable for a dating website or app or a Fashion.. If you are lucky, you just might find a name that works perfectly for your product at quite a reasonable price. You’ll find out for sure if that is an option or not once you type the domain name into the search bar.</i>

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