If you are like most people, you probably remembered about seven to ten letters. In computer code, you can’t work much with raw data (like WHOIS), but with an API, raw data gets parsed in “concepts” and you can create wonderful new service. Aside from that, it also pulls in WHOIS information on each domain including registrar, expiry date and servers. Delegations contain the information necessary for Reverse DNS, including the associated nameservers, and DNS DS record information. Unlike the other first order objects, delegations do not have a handle. Automatic WordPress Installation - You can choose to have WordPress installed if you want, along with the themes, plugin and files you want to use for your domains. It is better to use the whois server as the 's' parameter, when it is supported, because the script will be able to default to the normal port 43 whois if the registrar API call fails for any reason.</i> If you are using it for individual whois servers, you can specify the URL as the http proxy entry in Whois Setup. API features: With the Domain Availability API, you can accurately tell the availability of a domain name for registration. Well, first you were trying to remember raw data, and second you were remembering concepts: GLOBAL, WHOIS, API, HOSTING, DOMAINS, TOOLS. Now you understand the first part, to explain the second part, we’ll play a game. Now scroll down to see what happens. Then look away and write down as many letters as you can remember. Spend ten to fifteen seconds, no more, studying the letters below. What do you think how many letters would you remember this time? You just need to chose the posts, select the blogs and define the time interval between each post is published. Mass Posting - Through the WordPress Manager’s interface, you can easily publish your posts to one or more blogs in your network. You can also easily define your own thesaurus entries or just let the WordPress Manager do it for you allowing you to consistently produce unique content for all of your sites. Creating, managing and distributing content for your websites and blogs can be easily done with a WordPress Manager through this feature. SpinTax Integration - Spinning content is made easier with the Standard SpinTax fully supported and integrated into the program. Many Billing and automation software include automatic account provisioning and automated billing and payment integration. Developers can integrate WHOIS API into existing internal systems and commercial applications using client libraries and integration modules. Our Hosted Whois Web Service provides registration details, also known as WHOIS Records, of a domain names, an IP addresses or an email address. Our hosted WHOIS API service provides the registration details, also known as the WHOIS record, of a domain name or an IP address. The Whois API gives you access to the domain WHOIS records stored in the WHOIS registries, with an unique, consistent interface. RoboWhois is a cloud-based web service that provides a RESTful API to access WHOIS records and domain related information with a unified, consistent interface. Cleans up the records and pulls them apart into well-defined fields. Our system normalizes character sets and line endings, pulls the various fields from the raw text, and puts the fields in a consistent, automation-friendly format (XML or JSON). It returns the availability status, with both parsed fields and raw texts, in JSON and XML formats. Programs and processes parsing this XML should gracefully ignore XML elements they do not recognize. Query responses are delivered in either XML or JSON format based on your requests which are made via GET/POST methods. You may want to narrow your search criteria or add flags to your query to limit the results. WhoisXML API offers annual subscriptions priced based on query volume, so you no longer have to worry about running out of credits to fulfill business requirements. You need to have Splunk Enterprise installed and configured. If you choose to have WordPress installed, you can automatically have the most current version of WordPress installed and set the program to automatically upgrade the software if a newer version gets released. 3. You can start configuring immediately once the application is installed. All of the WHOIS information we offer comes both well-parsed and normalized to a consistent format so it can easily fit in with your business operations.

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