Some companies like Nike utilize their domain name for a website, and other companies use their domain name as a forwarder. Your brandable domain name and unique business name will be displayed prominently on your website, marketing collateral, business cards, letterhead, invoices, trade show graphics and more. Descriptive Brandable Domains: You can use a brandable domain that is more descriptive than those shown in options 1 & 2. These are names which include a word, or words, relevant to the product or service provided. The 4 options outlined above should give you a clearer idea as to the type of brandable domain you should consider for your business. They are always better for they are easy to remember and easier to type.</i> A quick review of the last few months’ Sedo and AfterNIC’s Weekly Sales Chart shows brandable domain names, whether 4L, 5L, 6L or 7L are still fetching top dollar. Examples of these include Google, Twitter, Opodo, Groupon, Expedia, Orbitz, WordPress, RoomKey, Facebook, Pinterest, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Xing, and many other fancy names that startups have been using in the last two decades. Choosing brandable domain names that will fetch 5 figure or six figure sales values in the domain marketplace requires incredible imagination. A quick look at the Sedo or AfterNIC weekly sales reports indicates there is a good dose of brandable domain names amongst the top 20 domains sold and they are fetching a good price. With these type of brandable domains you will have to do a LOT of marketing to get people to remember the name and what your service provides. People also tend to trust the main suffixes more or assume those businesses are either the “original” or have been established longer. Heck, that’s a lot of power handed to the dictionary people.</i> A one word brandable domain name is simply a Dictionary single Word that can be used to brand a company. Thus, making “LionHeart” a suitable 2 word brandable name. Compound words - like YouTube - are an excellent strategy for making a brandable name. Your domain could also define your product or business strategy. When it comes to choosing a name for your business there are many schools of thought on the type of name you should choose, and subsequently the domain you will also need to acquire. To come up with an invented/made up brandable name you need to be really creative minded and think abstract. The following are some of the common kinds of branded domain names that you will come across… How to choose a Brandable domain name for sale? Brandable Domain Names For Sale! We specialize in offering premium brandable domain names for use in business.</i> In the reverse approach, if you use an existing domain name which sound like a brand for your business then it is a brandable domain name for your business and hence if there is such a domain created already, then you can simply purchase it and adopt it into your business. A ccTLD is the country code top-level domain that relates to a specific country. Usually, at least one of the words you use in your initial domain name search will be used in creating a suggested name. Made-up Word Brandable Domains: Another popular type of ‘brandable’ domain name is one which is derived from made up words. This kind of brandable names are highly sought after by new businesses because of it’s stylish built, Uniqueness and ability to retain the real Word. Put two or three related keywords together to try and create strong sounding names. If you're familiar with SEO you know Google looks for the keywords you have typed into the engine and searches for articles and content with those keywords. As you can see, the generic domain names deploy exact match keywords that you and I are likely to use to look up stuff on the web

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