The internet makes it easier for small businesses to start up and compete with the large fishes out there. In this age where internet is the main source of all sorts of information, having a website has become a smart move for small and large entrepreneurs alike. Many domain companies specializing in the “brandable” niche have large teams of linguists and brand professionals who carefully select the highest value brandable names that can be used in building robust online brands. As against conventional marketing methods, the marketing and advertising expense that you incur, is far less, when these strategies are designed around your brands domain name. Again, unless you see these names as part of the marketing campaigns you would have no idea what product or service either company provide. Descriptive Brandable Domains: You can use a brandable domain that is more descriptive than those shown in options 1 & 2. These are names which include a word, or words, relevant to the product or service provided. A ccTLD will also make your domain name appear more professional and localised.</i> With these type of brandable domains you will have to do a LOT of marketing to get people to remember the name and what your service provides. It is possible, and it's called viral marketing. And because of that users might have the tendency to bury your domain name to oblivion and search for other websites of businesses that have the same nature as yours. These three domain names all have something in common: they don’t describe the products the websites sell. They’re names that don’t describe the products the sites sell. As stated above, and now official Brandings policy, yes, they’re real words. Generic domain names on the other hand constitute descriptive keyword rich English words that users are likely to type into their search engines when looking for products and services. Similar to “Search Engine Placement Domains”, which attract a large number of visitors through search engine referrals, so do generic word domains. Users scan results and make decisions about links to follow partly from excerpts, but also from the credibility, relevancy, and character of the domains displayed. Do this every day for a year and you will definitely see results because it works. The dot com will without exception support the most value but is the only possibly will for being unavailable thereby dot net and dot org can nevertheless be an asset. You can then easily get your brand name and simply use in your domain name to have your ‘Brandable Domain Name’. It helps to get into the mind of an entrepreneur working in a particular industry; would they find this domain a viable or premium option to build their business on versus a keyword or longer domain? If you choose the keyword route, look for a “narrower,” more targeted keyword, if you can. After any keyword is typed within the research engine, very first the domain names are checked and then the contents from the site. Be the first to know, subscribe today and get weekly brandable domain names delivered to your inbox. Make it simple for them to get you and as easy as possible to recognize you. Private domain owners are not always reliable because you don’t know them personally, and they can do cheating. Back then, communication is not that easy as letters can take over a month to reach one person from one country to another. What terms or ideas would an everyday person use, as opposed to someone in the industry? If you need help in purchasing the right domain for your business, whether it’s a new brandable domain or for ideas on what name to use for your business then please click here for details on my new domain consulting & domain finder service. Note: one thing is common and constant amongst shought after Brandable Names is that, they are always very short words, memorable, catchy to the eyes and yet conveys the right emotion or meaning of what a company represents or stands for. And they are both memorable, if not a little on the long side. The bottom line is that there are pros and cons of using a brandable domain name, and they have the potential to make or break your business. The fact that you are reading this article, especially if you are interested enough to read this far into it shows that written-type media still has power and will continue to have power well into the future.

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