As many of you may know, the world of ecommerce is a lot more cut throat and challenging than most would assume. The right domain name can propel a startup business to the next level in the ecommerce world. A descriptive domain is great when you’re sure your company will only offer products and services that match the descriptor. Apple can’t stop someone from referring to fruit as an apple, but it does have trademarks for the term ‘apple’ for products like computers and watches. Now we all know that Apple is still a fruit but that doesn’t matter today because whenever you think APPLE, you think iPhone also. Even more specific domains can have an element of branding that doesn’t pigeonhole a company. However, keyword domains actually provide a more difficult foundation from which to build a brand. With this, brandable domains do not suffer at the hands of those who just used a keyword as their domain and relied upon search rankings for traffic to their site without paying attention to the quality of their content. I receive quite a few emails with people asking me this, the obvious answer is that Google looks at the keywords within a domain name and gives a direct value when someone types those keywords in the engine. Hence, these type of names are often great alternatives to businesses looking to retain their brand identity or services in a brand name they choose. Brandable domain names are short, imaginative, and give a hint about what your company does, while ensuring that people remember who you are and what you do. These three domain names all have something in common: they don’t describe the products the websites sell. First, Google it. Don’t expect the domain to be totally unique, but make sure there are no other relevant businesses using the same name or something very close to it. Keywords domains contain the keywords associated with the web site niche in its domain and a modifier alongside it. These three domain names are called brandable domains. Here at Novanym, all of the brandable domain names we have for sale come with three expertly-designed logos, meaning once you’ve chosen your brand name, you can hit the ground running and immediately get on with the important work of starting your business. You get 100% targeted traffic, FREE! Check the website of any major domain name registrar to see if they offer this type of service for free. Not to be confused with a definition, that means lends some since of relevance a selected product, service or business. KillerLaunch helps you find catchy and brandable domain names for your business or a new startup. Short brandable domain names take time and effort to come up with. You can get hundreds of possible keyword rich domain names in a short period of time. Most of the time they are made-up words like Zynga, Google, Flickr and Orkut. The blend is a lending company that combined the words “better lending” to create its brand name. Creating a unique brand can also help a company stand out from the competition. Researching other organisations in your space will help you to see what other people are doing so that you can make a more individual title for your company. This article has been created by %link1%! Simply because they are Short, Pronounceable, Easy-to-Remember, Catchy to the eye and have a Unique tone when said out loud. When yearning for brandable domains to doubtless sell, you'll wish to create certain that you just have that means, as represented higher than, however you furthermore might wish to make sure that there's an occasion that the domain can truly sell. Think about your long-term plans and how they might change. Before Amazon became an e-commerce giant, you didn’t think about buying books or video games from something called Amazon. You have to become and think like a customer for you to pick up the best title. Instead, concentrate on characteristics that will never change, like your business’s personality, attitude or approach, and use your name to drop a hint or two. What makes a name brandable? If you’ve found a brandable domain, and are considering adopting it as your business name, run a few quick checks before you purchase it.

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