The database of indexed domains contains: 1414884 domains (1.4 million)

Every year, millions of organizations, individuals, governments, and businesses register new domain names and make adjustments to their existing domain names. During the registration procedure, each of them will be needed to supply specific information about themselves to the website. The information you're looking at is referred to as WHOIS data. A WHOIS database, which contains information on domain names, emails, IP addresses, and other information, is made accessible to the public when a new domain name is acquired by a domain registrar. The role of domain registrars in guaranteeing the accuracy of WHOIS information cannot be overemphasized. They not only maintain accuracy, but they also offer this information at the time of registration. They are required to comply with this condition as part of their agreement with the registrar. Domain name registrars tell their clients as part of the annual WHOIS changes that they do. All of this means that there is an abundance of accurate data accessible for your organization, group, or specialization if you take all of this into consideration. The WHOIS database may be downloaded and customized to match your individual needs, and it can be used to provide whole or partial history information. Moreover, it may be used to follow down competitors and forecast their actions, such as the introduction of new products or services. WHOIS information may also be used to determine if a website is trustworthy, as well as to secure your online intellectual property and other assets.

With our WHOIS Database dataset, you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. Everything you need to know about any given domain name may be found in our comprehensive WHOIS database dataset.

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Download: domains-db-20230129-180351.tar.gz.