Our API is online since 2016 via Email Validation API at RapidAPI
Email Validation API

Email Validation API

API to validate email addresses

Increase quality of users by eliminating low-quality and scam emails.

The API checks syntax correctness, DNS records presence and if email is of free/disposable provider.

Filter out invalid email addresses with EmailFilter!

With an easy-to-use email verification API, you can check the validity of email addresses at the moment of signup. With the aid of our email verification API, you can discover and delete any disposable, false, and typographically incorrect email addresses.

What Is The Email Validation API's Function? Using an email address validator, you may identify and report all sorts of email addresses that could potentially impact your sender reputation. A multi-layered testing technique is used by our API to validate email addresses and determine whether or not they are legitimate and capable of receiving mail. Using a multi-layered checking procedure, our Email Validator verifies and validates every single email.

  • MX record search as part of DNS validation
  • IETF/RFC standard conformity check of syntax
  • identification of typosquatting domains using SMTP connection and availability check for protection against
  • Detection of discarded email addresses
  • Verifying the presence of an email box
  • Detection of temporary outages
  • Contraception via greylisting
  • All-inclusive testing