What precisely is it used for?

Corrects or eliminates tags and attributes that are not properly created (e.g. adds alt attributes to images if missing) This function converts the markup to HTML5. HTML is restructured (line breaks, indents).

HTML code should be cleaned up and any HTML tags that have been missing should be repaired. This program provides you with an online HTML repair tool that assists you in rebuilding your missing code by inserting the necessary tags and enhancing your missing code as needed. You have the option of copying and pasting or uploading your code or importing it from the web. This utility corrects the missing tags, corrects the erroneous code, and formats the output in the suitable manner.

When creating HTML code, a large number of tags are used. In spite of this, occasionally code is left with some missing or broken tags when we attempt to work quickly. Manually correcting a code, line by line, is time-consuming. As a result, we are giving you with a tool that will allow you to effectively manage all of the things that will be fixing and mending your significantly.

API Spot's HTML repair tool is simple to use and can be accessed in a matter of seconds. Repairing and replacing any missing information helps in the creation of a beautiful HTML website, as does refining the code and making all of the necessary corrections.

How to use our HTML Repair & Beautifier tool and what you can do with it. Our tool may help you with the following things:

  • Increasing your productivity.
  • Tags that aren't working properly: HTML code is composed of tags, each of which must be opened and closed in the proper manner. Many of the time, these tags are not functional. It seems that some of the information is either missing or that the tags are not correctly closed. Our HTML repair tool corrects the broken tags by mending and adding the necessary material to the HTML document.
  • Tags that are out of balance should be corrected: The HTML tags must be balanced, meaning that they must be opened and closed in the right manner. The imbalanced tags result in ineffective codes, which in turn cause the performance to be reduced. The ability to balance them allows the code to execute more effectively and provide substantial results. Today, you may use our program to repair your HTML file and replace any missing content. It is completely free, and the results are immediate.