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%  (c) 2006-2021 CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.
% Intended use of supplied data and information
% Data contained in the domain name register, as well as information
% supplied through public information services of CZ.NIC association,
% are appointed only for purposes connected with Internet network
% administration and operation, or for the purpose of legal or other
% similar proceedings, in process as regards a matter connected
% particularly with holding and using a concrete domain name.
% Full text available at:
% http://www.nic.cz/page/306/intended-use-of-supplied-data-and-information/
% See also a search service at http://www.nic.cz/whois/
% Whoisd Server Version: 3.12.2
% Timestamp: Thu Aug 11 02:02:29 2022

domain:       cez.cz
registrant:   SB:CEZICTS-CZ
admin-c:      OK1645-RIPE
admin-c:      TK5090-RIPE
nsset:        NSS:CEZICTS-CZ:1
keyset:       IGN-K-D0000633425-CZ
registrar:    REG-WEBGLOBE
registered:   09.05.1996 02:00:00
changed:      13.01.2022 18:04:05
expire:       12.10.2023

contact:      SB:CEZICTS-CZ
org:          ČEZ ICT Services, a. s.
name:         Ondřej Komorous
address:      Duhová 1531/3
address:      Praha 4
address:      140 53
address:      CZ
registrar:    REG-WEBGLOBE
created:      05.12.2009 18:19:01
changed:      08.10.2021 12:49:05

contact:      OK1645-RIPE
name:         Ondřej Komorous
address:      Karla Vokáče 25
address:      Plzeň
address:      30100
address:      CZ
registrar:    REG-INTERNET-CZ
created:      14.05.2007 16:15:00
changed:      15.05.2018 21:32:00

contact:      TK5090-RIPE
name:         Tomáš Klečka
address:      Hraniční 12
address:      Frýdek-Místek 8
address:      73942
address:      CZ
registrar:    REG-INTERNET-CZ
created:      18.05.2016 15:15:06
changed:      15.05.2018 21:32:00

nsset:        NSS:CEZICTS-CZ:1
nserver:      ns10.cez.cz (
nserver:      ns20.cez.cz (
tech-c:       OK1645-RIPE
tech-c:       MB0109-RIPE
tech-c:       JS1099-RIPE
registrar:    REG-WEBGLOBE
created:      15.07.2010 11:52:02
changed:      21.10.2016 08:39:03

contact:      MB0109-RIPE
name:         Michal Brabenec
address:      Luční 988
address:      Dobřany
address:      33441
address:      CZ
registrar:    REG-INTERNET-CZ
created:      31.07.2007 14:55:00
changed:      15.05.2018 21:32:00

contact:      JS1099-RIPE
name:         Jan Svoboda
address:      Hollarova 15
address:      Ústí nad Labem
address:      40011
address:      CZ
registrar:    REG-INTERNET-CZ
created:      21.09.2015 10:54:20
changed:      15.05.2018 21:32:00

keyset:       IGN-K-D0000633425-CZ
dnskey:       257 3 10 AwEAAb+YdaTAwfCK5BnALuzawRrSIuuCksWC3Au/qCBqN9FJwSDf8Roro2/DL4iHb0jz1feCz0Atoy5LvJpzMCpo9UUPmYzZkxYhr7EJ1g4PkepYaVewnkvqDrYqYz79hBLFIqSuZxXpXBUyknZXH5lxYpR19kQ6sqHjHSnVcuYb7pA07XKWUzEcNnL867Yz187RmH+Y5p/tR/YXsMpcj4RSa6QbF3dtB4PAlgANs9NgJKyxdxa2+698lzQfh/1KvxqkWrlVj/WF91t1nUjKq0opwja6NER78J8VYJluNOiwlcp7JoWQYewBcCJRzuO7YHUr3qVfuGBUC1ZV8Xu+DMOACF8=
tech-c:       IGNUM
registrar:    REG-WEBGLOBE
created:      13.01.2022 18:04:05
changed:      13.01.2022 18:13:49

contact:      IGNUM
org:          Webglobe, s.r.o.
name:         Lucie Vojtíková
address:      Vinohradská 190
address:      Praha 3
address:      130 61
address:      CZ
registrar:    REG-WEBGLOBE
created:      17.03.2008 14:43:09
changed:      04.08.2021 07:53:03

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Title: Skupina ČEZ

Description: Skupina ČEZ patří mezi nejvýznamnější výrobce, distributory, obchodníky v oblasti elektřiny a tepla, zemního plynu.

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