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% By looking up information in the domain registration directory% service, you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of the% service:% https://www.norid.no/en/domeneoppslag/vilkar/%% Norid AS holds the copyright to the lookup service, content,% layout and the underlying collections of information used in the% service (cf. the Act on Intellectual Property of May 2, 1961, No.% 2). Any commercial use of information from the service, including% targeted marketing, is prohibited. Using information from the domain% registration directory service in violation of the terms and% conditions may result in legal prosecution.%% The whois service at port 43 is intended to contribute to resolving% technical problems where individual domains threaten the% functionality, security and stability of other domains or the% internet as an infrastructure. It does not give any information% about who the holder of a domain is. To find information about a% domain holder, please visit our website:% https://www.norid.no/en/domeneoppslag/Domain InformationNORID Handle...............: GRE4326D-NORIDDomain Name................: gressviktannklinikk.noRegistrar Handle...........: REG42-NORIDTech-c Handle..............: DH38R-NORIDName Server Handle.........: NSHA563H-NORIDName Server Handle.........: NSHA564H-NORIDAdditional information:Created:         2017-04-07Last updated:    2021-03-11

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Title: Gressvik tannklinikk – Alltid det siste i utstyr & høy faglig kompetanse

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