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%  (c) 2006-2021 CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.
% Intended use of supplied data and information
% Data contained in the domain name register, as well as information
% supplied through public information services of CZ.NIC association,
% are appointed only for purposes connected with Internet network
% administration and operation, or for the purpose of legal or other
% similar proceedings, in process as regards a matter connected
% particularly with holding and using a concrete domain name.
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% See also a search service at http://www.nic.cz/whois/
% Whoisd Server Version: 3.12.2
% Timestamp: Thu Dec 02 15:14:16 2021

domain:       homeopatickaporadna.cz
registrant:   SB:HOMEOPATIE
admin-c:      SUB_18129_525487
nsset:        NSS:GRANSY:3
keyset:       KEYSET
registrar:    REG-GRANSY
registered:   18.04.2007 12:05:00
changed:      24.06.2021 13:28:03
expire:       18.04.2022

contact:      SB:HOMEOPATIE
org:          Homeopaticka poradna
name:         Alexandra Konopaskova
address:      Nad Prachandou 258
address:      Dobříš
address:      263 01
address:      CZ
registrar:    REG-ZONER
created:      17.04.2007 19:15:00
changed:      15.05.2018 21:32:00

contact:      SUB_18129_525487
name:         Ondřej Petříček
address:      Čílova 19
address:      Praha 6
address:      16200
address:      CZ
registrar:    REG-GRANSY
created:      07.03.2011 20:16:47
changed:      15.05.2018 21:32:00

nsset:        NSS:GRANSY:3
nserver:      ns.gransy.com 
nserver:      ns2.gransy.com 
nserver:      ns3.gransy.com 
nserver:      ns4.gransy.com 
nserver:      ns5.gransy.com 
tech-c:       GRANSY
registrar:    REG-GRANSY
created:      01.10.2007 02:00:00
changed:      16.08.2010 00:39:13

contact:      GRANSY
org:          Gransy s.r.o.
name:         Jan Horák
address:      Bořivojova 878/35
address:      Praha 3
address:      130 00
address:      CZ
registrar:    REG-MOJEID
created:      23.08.2004 17:35:00
changed:      15.05.2018 21:32:00

keyset:       KEYSET
dnskey:       257 3 7 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
tech-c:       GRANSY
registrar:    REG-GRANSY
created:      20.10.2010 18:09:11
changed:      25.10.2010 00:49:05

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