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% Request from This is the Ukrainian Whois query server #B.% The Whois is subject to Terms of use% See https://hostmaster.ua/services/%% IN THE PROCESS OF DELEGATION OF A DOMAIN NAME,% THE REGISTRANT IS AN ENTITY WHO USES AND MANAGES A CERTAIN DOMAIN NAME,% AND THE REGISTRAR IS A BUSINESS ENTITY THAT PROVIDES THE REGISTRANT% WITH THE SERVICES NECESSARY FOR THE TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE OF THE REGISTRATION AND OPERATION OF THE DOMAIN NAME.% FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE REGISTRANT OF THE DOMAIN NAME, YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE REGISTRAR.% % .UA whois% Domain Record:% =============domain:     my.gov.uaadmin-c:    MERT4-UANICtech-c:     ITME2-UANICstatus:     OK-UNTIL 20220227170109nserver:    ns.me.gov.uanserver:    ns.mfert.gov.uanserver:    ns2.me.gov.uaremark:     Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukrainecreated:    0-UANIC 20170227170109changed:    UARR149-UANIC 20210217091447source:     UANIC% Administrative Contact:% ======================nic-handle:   MERT4-UANICorganization: Міністерство економіки Україниaddress:      Грушевського, 12/2address:      01008 КИЇВaddress:      UAphone:        +380 (44) 2539394fax-no:       +380 (44) 2263181e-mail:       meconomy@me.gov.uaurl:          http://www.me.gov.uaorg-id:       37508596mnt-by:       NONEchanged:      TVF8-UANIC 20210706144030source:       UANIC% Technical Contact:% =================nic-handle:   ITME2-UANICorganization: Міністерство економіки Україниaddress:      Грушевського, 12/2address:      01008 КИЇВaddress:      UAphone:        +380 (44) 2004744e-mail:       admin@me.gov.uaorg-id:       37508596mnt-by:       NONEremark:       Відділ системного адміністрування та телекомунікаційchanged:      TVF8-UANIC 20210706144147source:       UANIC% % .UA whois% Query time:     8 msec

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